The British Association of Singapore

The British Association of Singapore is a not-for-profit organisation which is open to all nationalities from around the world. The BA provides a warm welcome for newcomers to Singapore as well as offering a wide variety of recreational activities in various locations throughout Singapore. We raise funds to support local charities and offer volunteering opportunities within the community.

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Event Details

Join us for an extraordinary evening.

We begin with food. Popiah is a favourite snack among Singaporeans, the thinly wrapped skin on this spring roll packages a celebration of flavours inside from the fresh vegetables and special condiments. On this tour you have an opportunity to visit a restaurant to watch an expert at work before having a chance to make your own!

We then dine on some traditional Hokkien cuisine, a dish of noodles and chicken to fortify us for our next stop, the evening's main event.

We will walk to a local temple and watch as a spirit medium enters into a trance. Once he is channelling the god he will be consulted by devotees young and old for advice. You too can, through our guide, seek his wisdom.

The final visit of the evening is a visit to a Buddhist Thai temple.

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